Water of Life – Tuned to 432 Hz – Immediate Download


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This song taps into core aspects of beauty and soaring power within us all. It is called Water of Life because it is inspired by Divine Love.

Going to the outer limits of space gives you a unique perspective on your current reality when you return. It also makes you realize that since all reality is an illusion, you are free to create whatever reality you like. Not only that, it’s just a lot of fun. This song provides a full perspective on a wide range of realms. Expand your creativity, expand your consciousness.

The song utilizes binaural beats in Theta that transition into Delta. The song slowly builds to a peak and takes you out 3 times. The last time the song ends with the most peaceful peak you could imagine. The melody remains in your heart for some time afterwards.

I don’t normally use this CD as background music. It is really dynamic and just draws me in too easily. With full attention it is an epic journey through Love, Power and Grace. It is my favorite CD for the sound table. I listen almost every day as it completely clears out anything emotional that is going on.

The song is now tuned to 432 Hz which has many auspicious things about it.  432 Hz has been shown to create a beautiful mandala pattern in each water droplet in your body.  It is also the frequency of the heart meridian and is what they tuned to in ancient Egypt.

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