Calm Sleep – Tuned to 432 Hz – Immediate Download


Same description as above.


This CD will take you out… in the sweetest way. Many Sleep CD’s put you to sleep by wearing you out with sounds and music that aren’t that soothing to listen to — resulting in sleep that is not that peaceful or deep. This music harmoniously lulls you into a deep state of peace even before you go to sleep. Binaural Beats at two levels of Delta entrain your brain into a deep state of sleep and meditation. With headphones you get the extra benefit of having your left and right brain synchronized.
You will be able to choose MP3 or WAV files (or both)

The song is now tuned to 432 Hz which has many auspicious things about it.  432 Hz has been shown to create a beautiful mandala pattern in each water droplet in your body.  It is also the frequency of the heart meridian and is what they tuned to in ancient Egypt.


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