Weight Loss, Loving Yourself – Tuned to 432 Hz – Immediate Download

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The entire CD is tuned to the frequency of Lemon Juice, which is used in the “Master Cleanse” diet. We used a very sophisticated company to find the frequency. We have also embedded binaural beat frequencies that trigger the release of seratonin in the hypothalamus gland, which is the key gland that tells you when you are hungry. When seratonin is released we are no longer hungry.

The CD includes activating frequencies to get your metabolism humming. We then bring you into a very peaceful state in order to resolve any emotional issues. When at peace we are satisfied. We also set our intention that this CD may allow you to love yourself more. We held that intention consistently throughout the Recording and Mixing (Even people who don’t want to lose weight love this CD).

The song is now tuned to 432 Hz which has many auspicious things about it.  432 Hz has been shown to create a beautiful mandala pattern in each water droplet in your body.  It is also the frequency of the heart meridian and is what they tuned to in ancient Egypt.

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