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This CD is a journey through the energy of each Chakra. We began by invoking the energy of each Chakra, then creating sounds and melodies that resonate harmoniously with each. We have held the intention of balancing each Chakra for the listener as we go through each.

The CD covers the full range of frequencies using 7 octaves. Many systems use one Octave (C to B) as the full range of Chakras. However, based on research in the field of Sound Healing, it has been shown that all frequencies are nutrients and that we need the full range of 20 – 20,000 hertz. It also just feels more natural that the Root is a really low tone and the Crown is a really high tone. It is also our belief that if you were to play all of the notes of the Chakras at the same time, they should create a harmonious sound. If you were to play all of the notes within an octave they do not sound good at all. Therefore, we are using the same note for each Chakra and simply moving up an Octave for the next so you can end up with all seven chakras in complete harmony with each other.

The most commonly accepted system says that the root Chakra is C. However, in China the root is F, and in Tibet it is an A. Scientific research from Nutri-Energetics Systems on the Quantum Morphogenetic Fields of Chakras, points to Bb as the most harmonious key to use.

The CD includes binaural beats that move from Theta to Delta to bring the listener to a deep state of peace by the end of the CD.

This CD is quite interesting as background music. When listened to with full attention it will take you into a state of complete bliss.

Musicans: David Gibson – Keys, Bowls, Toning, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet; Ken Becker – Cello

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