Sound Healing Instruments

Alchemy Bowls

Bowls with different Crystals, Metals and Elements embedded in the Quartz. The energy of the element is transferred directly into your body through the harmonics they create.

Classic Frosted Bowls

Quartz crystal bowls that excellent for meditation, toning, and energy work.

Crystal Lyre

Angelic pure sound from quartz crystal tubes. Especially effective when held and played around the body in a treatment.


Deep vibrating low frequencies that are excellent for breaking up blockages and stuck energy.


Full range of gongs tuned to planets that include the widest perspective of frequencies for the ultimate clearing of emotional and physical energies.

Drums and Rattles

Buffalo and Elk drums entrain the heart and brainwaves into stable rhythms. Native Americans have long used the white noise from Rattles for clearing.

Tibetan Bowls

Hand made bowls from Nepal. Some antiques. Embedded with Prayer while being hammered into tune. Also, manufactured Zen bowls with a beautiful pure tone.

Tuning Forks and Sound Tubes

Full range of tuning forks and sound tubes with special metals tuned to auspicious frequencies.

Sansulas, Freenote Xylophones, Pleyades Drums

A Sansula is a kalimba thumb organ with a resonant chamber. Freenotes are resonant xylophones that anyone can play. Pleyades are metal drums tuned to Pythagorian tuning.


Subtle Angelic Koshi Chimes for opening the third eye and crown chakras.

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    Tingsha – 2″


    Wind Gong 6″


    Ma Gong 7″ with Stand


    Chau Gong 7″ with Stand


    Wind Gong 10″ with Stand


    Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set – The Original 6 – Weighted

    From: $360.00

    These original sound frequencies were discovered by Joseph Poleo about 30 years ago.

    The key auspicious component of these frequencies is their numerological meaning. All of the frequencies add up to 3, 6, or 9 numerologically.

    The Original Set
    UT – 396 Hz
    RE – 417 Hz
    MI – 528 Hz
    FA – 639 Hz
    SOL – 741 Hz
    LA – 852 Hz

    Earth, Sun and Moon – Tuning Fork Set – Weighted

    From: $180.00

    These forks are based on mathematical formulae of their rotation and spin. The earth frequency is based on the rotation of the earth around the sun. The moon is based on the rotation of the moon around the earth. The sun freqeuncy is based on the spin rate of the sun.

    In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the “Cosmic Octave” as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones. The frequencies are based on his original calculations.

    Frequencies in Hertz
    – Synodic Moon – 105.209
    – Sun – 126.22
    – Earth – 136.102

    Colors of the Rainbow Tuning Fork Set – Weighted


    These are the frequencies within the rainbow based on the commonly accepted mathematical formula for converting the frequency of colors (nanometers) to sound frequencies. Especially useful when coupled with various types of color therapies.

    Frequencies in Hertz
    Violet               179.653     Hz
    Blue Violet    158.2647  Hz
    Blue                   151.92        Hz
    Cyan                  140.354     Hz
    Dark Green   138.081     Hz
    Light Green   129.4347  Hz
    Yellow               118.6297  Hz
    Orange             115.81        Hz
    Red Orange   103.966     Hz
    Spectral Red  99.2898    Hz
    Note: These forks could take between 2-3 months to make and ship to you.

    Pythagorean Tuning System Tuning Forks – White Keys only – Weighted


    The “Ancient Egyptian” Pythagorean tuning based on the natural musical harmonics found in nature in every sound. This scale represents the first organized musical tonal system of the ancient world.

    Note: These forks could take between 2-3 months to make and ship to you.

    Triple Numbers Tuning Fork Set from Bob Beck


    The “Triple Number” 9-tone tuning fork set is made to each of the nine triple numbers 111Hz through 999Hz. The number 111Hz has been investigated as a cell rejuvenating frequency by many researchers.

    Note: These forks could take between 2-3 months to make and ship to you.

    Sound Tube


    Tuned to any Frequency you desire.

    Individual Tuning Fork Unweighted – In Stock

    From: $55.00

    Chau Gong 16″ with Stand


    7 Piece Chakra Set


    12 Piece Crystal Bowl Chakra Set


    Chakra Tuning Fork Set based on BioResonance frequencies by Paul Schmidt – Weighted


    Paul Schmidt has done some of the most extensive research on the frequencies within the human organism. The frequencies of these tuning forks is based on his research.

    According to Paul, all tissues like skin, liver, bones and other organs have their own oscillation and resonate on their own special frequencies. Bioresonance Paul Schmidt means seeking and then passing on all the frequencies necessary for the stimulation and final regulation of the organism and giving the body the chance to selfregulation.

    Frequencies in Hertz

    100 Hz – G# – Crown
    95 Hz – G 19 – Third Eye
    70 Hz – D 7 – Throat
    85 Hz – E 17 – Heart
    55 Hz – A 11 – Solar Plexus
    90 Hz – F# – Sacral
    45 Hz – F# – Root

    Note: These forks could take between 2-3 months to make and ship to you.