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the bass is an important part of each song.

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Relaxation, Opening the Heart, Healing and Pain Relief, Sleep and Peace,
Connecting to Spirit, Activation and Anti-Depressants, Anxiety Relief, Meditation,
Massage, ADD and ADHD, Emotional Healing, Surgery

Important Notes
Because we have so many versions of each CD they are often
individual copies made from the Studio Master (actually better quality).
Therefore, they may not come in a sealed package.


The sounds and the music in each CD are based on ancient and modern science from the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and from information and research at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. Special attention has been paid to the creation of each of the Sounds used in each song. The Sounds are as powerful as the music itself. When listening to headphones the effect is enhanced.

The CD’s include the following Sound Healing music production techniques:

Use of Intention
It has now been proven scientifically that Intention is effective. It has also been shown that Intention gets embedded in the music and is then transmitted through to the listener during playback. The Intention of each song was held consistently through the entire recording process — during composition, performance, recording and mixing.

Full Frequency Range of Sounds
As shown by the research of Alfred Tomatis, every frequency is a nutrient. Therefore, we use the full frequency range of sounds – including very large amounts of bass for grounding, and often an abundant amount of high frequencies for connecting to spirit.

Sounds with Healing Harmonic Structures
Based on years of experience and research on the physics of sound, we have chosen sounds (natural to electronic) that are known to have specific effects on a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These sounds have been tailored to specifically fit the the particular intention of the song.

Tempos Set to the Breath
Most songs have a basic tempo that is set to a really slow breath. Since the chords often follow the in and out breath they entrain your breath into a deeper state of relaxation. You can also consciously breathe along with most of the songs.

Binaural Beats
Most of the music includes Binaural Beat Frequencies to entrain the brain into a variety of brainwave states. Two frequencies are embedded in the music and the difference between the two notes creates a 3rd frequency which is below our normal hearing level. This 3rd frequency entrains your brain into delta (deep sleep or meditation), theta (creative day dreaming), or alpha (relaxed awareness). When you listen on headphones you get the extra added benefit of brain synchronization — connecting the left and right brain through the Corpus Callosum. Through a special process the binaural beats are created so they are perfectly in tune with the key of the song.

Peaceful Endings
One of the most important aspects of Sound Healing is when the sound or music ends — leaving you in a place of perfect peace. Many techniques and extreme care have been taken to create endings that leave you in this precious state of peace.

Other Sound Healing Music Production Techniques
Other techniques based on Frequency, Timbre, Musical Intervals, Modes, Repetition vs. Change, and Energy Flow have been incorporated into each song. David Gibson is the author of “The Art of Producing,” and the #1 selling book in the field of Audio Recording, “The Art of Mixing.” Many techniques from his books have also been incorporated into the music.

Sound Holograms
Many of the songs are Sound Holograms where every component within the music and recording are speaking to each other mathematically. For example, the tempo mathematically fits the key of the song. The binaural beats are also a multiple or perfect fraction (1/2, 1/2, 1/2…) of the pitch and tempo. The tempo of the breath incorporated into the chord changes is also a perfection subdivision of the tempo, pitch and binaural beats. All of this helps to synchronize the breath, heart, and brain.

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    Anti-Depressant – Tuned to 432 Hz – Immediate Download


    Same description as above.

    Bowls of Light


    This CD includes recordings of Crystal Singing Bowls. Many of the bowls are being played by themselves as opposed to multiple bowls at once. This makes for a more relaxing CD. Sometimes the bowls are accompanied by other instruments such as cello and dulcimer. The CD includes 9 tracks:
    1. Peace   2. Overcoming Fear   3. Grounding   4. Releasing   5. Harmony   6. Memory   7. Compassion   8. Spirit of Nature   9. Coming Home

    √ Relaxation   √ Pain Relief   √ Activation   √ Connection to Spirit

    Short Collage Demo of the entire CD

    Bowls of Light – Immediate Download


    Same description as above.

    Chakra Guided Meditation


    The goal of this CD is to get you to a place where you are feeling and hearing all of the 7 chakras simultaneously. This is the ideal state. When you are present with all 7 chakras at the same time you often start to notice the kundalini energy flowing through the chakras.

    Chakra Guided Meditation (Download immediately)


    The goal of this CD is to get you to a place where you are feeling and hearing all of the 7 chakras simultaneously. This is the ideal state. When you are present with all 7 chakras at the same time you often start to notice the kundalini energy flowing through the chakras.

    Holding Frequency


    This CD is about using Intention in music. It has been proven in scientific studies that intention affects us positively and that intention is carried through music that was created while holding an intention. For every song, we practiced holding the Intention 100% consistently (The more consistent the intention the stronger the healing effect). We then toned for over an hour while still holding the Intention consistently. Every session was a
    transformative experience that comes through to the listener.  Toning the intention along with each song is a profound experience and very effective.

    9 Tracks:
    1. Gratitude   2. Soul Purpose   3.  Divine Masculine and Feminine Balanced   4. Heal the Planet  5. Holding Schumann Resonance   6. All Hearts Connected on the Planet   7. Compassion   8. Joy of the World  9. Global Awakening

    Holding Frequency – Immediate Download


    Same description as above.

    Power of Love


    This song has the archetypal healing field of Universal Love embedded in it. It was also created while holding the intention of Unconditional Love during the recording, mixing and mastering.

    This song takes you from the complete stillness of divine love then dynamically soars to the top of the mountain where the power of Spirit heals all, then brings you back down to complete stillness — 3 times! It is a very powerful divine experience and is rockin' at one point (David Gilmour style lead guitar — Think Pink Floyd with Love). It's really about taking the pure peace of divine love and transforming it into pure power, and then being able to come back to down to a place of stillness.

    This CD is very helpful when doing any creative work. It is unbelievably uplifting and inspiring.

    Comments – It's the only melody in the world, which can calm me and force me to sleep beautiful dreams even while I'm depressed, angry or overexcited. I can't describe the feeling when this music helps me to find love in the world around me. Thank you for this masterpiece. – Mkiss

    Power of Love (Immediate Download)


    Same description as above.

    Pachelbel Canon – 30 minute version – Immediate Downloads


    Same description as above.

    Pachelbel Canon – 60 Minute version – Immediate Downloads


    Same description as above.

    Schumann Resonance Frequencies


    The Schumann Resonance is a frequency in our atmosphere that is triggered by lightning. The frequency averages 7.83 cycles per second, and it entrains our brain into a brainwave state right between Theta and Alpha. Since it has been humming in our atmosphere for millions of years it is a frequency that we actually need. Astronauts actually received this frequency electromagnetically whenever in outer space. The problem is that this frequency is obscured by the electromagnetism in a city.

    This CD contains the Schumann Frequency as binaural beat frequencies for maximum effect. There is no music on this CD! The frequencies are played on a carrier frequency of 62.64 hertz — the same note as the Schumann frequency at a higher octave. We also include binaural beats in Delta and Deep Delta (Epsilon) also tuned to the Schumann frequency to bring you into a deep state of meditation.

    Short Demo (The frequencies are too low to be heard on small laptop speakers) –

    Schumann Resonance Frequencies – Immediate Download


    See description above.

    Short Demo (The frequencies are too low to be heard on small laptop speakers)

    Chakra Balancing


    The CD takes you through each chakra providing balancing energy for each.  Upon completion of listening all chakras are in balance with each other.

    It is nice for background music, but is most effective with full attention.

    √ Centering   √ Relaxation  √ Connection To Spirit

    Demo compilation of whole CD:



    Chakra Balancing – Immediate Download


    See description above.

    Short Demo –



    This CD is designed to take you through deep transformation with whatever issue you are dealing with — then bring you back to your center where you are grounded, centered and perfectly present.   This CD is also good for recovering lost sleep, or to aid with sleep. It is intense as background music. With full attention it can take you into very deep states of transformation.

    We have 12 versions of this CD – one for every Root Frequency.  Email us if you would like it in a certain key.

    √ Centering   √ Relaxation   √ Meditation   √ Sleep


    Options include:
    20 Minute Version – $15
    20 Minutes with Binaural Beats in Delta – $25
    60 Minute Version (Good for Massage) – $20
    60 Minutes with Binaural Beats that take you from Theta to Delta – $30