Dr. Emoto’s Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Study of
The Effect of Intention and Prayer on Water

Dr. Emoto studied the crystalline snow flake like structures that formed when water freezes
(actually they form while the ice is melting after having been frozen).
He discovered through research in the lab that you can affect the type of snowflake patterns
that are created with your mind and with music.

For example, if you place the word love on a bottle of water,
the crystalline pattern would form a beautiful mandala.

If you put the word hate on the bottle of water
you get an ugly malformed crystalline pattern.

The same type of effects were seen when one or more persons would
simply meditate on transmitting love to the bottle of water.
Prayer would have an even stronger effect on the water.

Dr. Emoto also discovered that certain types of music create different types of crystalline patterns.
Classical music created beautiful patterns

while heavy metal created ugly mush.

There have been numerous other studies proving the effect of intention.
Dr. Emoto’s work not only corroborates the powerful effect of intention,
but also shows how intention and sound can make a major effect on
the structure of each water molecule in your body –¬†and, of course, we are mostly made of water.

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