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Our Previous Sound Healing Conference Exhibitors

Sound Healing Research Foundation

Sound Healing Foundation –
CDs, video, photographs, artwork – A newly released CD of Tibetan Nuns chanting at the nunnery in Tibet. Profits go back to the nunnery. The foundation exhibit booth will also offer photographs of Tibet, and Gidee artprint of rare Tibetan Thangkas. The booth will, in addition, offer numerous healing recordings on CD.

Harps of Lorien
Harps and accessories, musical instruments, et al..

Universal Field Metaforms
Tools for transformation. Our highest opportunity as human beings is to be a bridge between Spirit and physical reality and in so doing, learn, grow and evolve towards Unity and Love. The tools provided by Metaforms/Universal Field were created to facilitate this process.

Bodhisattva Trading Co.
Master-quality, antique Tibetan singing bowls, bells and gongs. Buddhist art & ritual objects.

Spectrum Enterprises LLC
The Harmony Wind Harp is a sensitive and responsive receptor for the music provided by the primordial energy of nature. Contemporary in appearance, these Wind Harps reflect the principles of Sacred Geometry and as the strings are set into motion, as a result of wind currents, the interplay of sympathetic resonance between the strings creates a cascade of harmonious tones. Enhance your business, community and home with a visionary acoustic sculpture, combining elements of art, sound and science to stimulate balance and well being for people and their surroundings.

Come experience the Amethyst Crystal Biomat. The Biomat synergizes three elements of nature, generating Far Infrared Light which is considered natures healing light, Negative Ions which recharge the human energy field like the exhilarating force of an ocean wave splashing onto shore and Amethyst crystals known as natures balancer and energy transformer. We will also be featuring custom made agave didjeridoos.

Flutes for the Journey
The Flute transforms spaces and melts tension, through its’ mournful or joyful expression it has the ability to heal the player and listeners, bringing sighs and sometimes tears. They are shamanic healing wands that can add to any ceremony or walk in nature. Tuned to the notes of the spheres each individual flute holds a specific meditation for its’ wielder. We make flutes ranging through 3 octaves and more than a dozen scales from east to the west and all places in between. Make a joyful noise with the all that is, as you carry one of our Flutes for the Journey.

Sound Listening Corporation
Enlisten enhances listening capabilities, allowing better comprehension, communication, and knowledge organization abilities. It is part of the emerging field of sound stimulation listening technologies that began with the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis. Applications are appropriate for all ages.

The Brain Power Institute™
The Brain Power Institute (BPI) is debuting their hi-tech MetaMind™ line of products – Healing Sounds for the Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit, coupled with its patent-pending Sound Delivery Systems. SWe invite you to Judge for Yourself why MetaMind™ products are unsurpassed in quality, are smooth, beautiful and amply capable of altering your state of consciousness.

Inspirations Jewelry
Jewelry, Totems , Amulets and Power Pieces have been held and worn since and (before)
Recorded time by kings and queen, gods and goddesses, and you and me. Instructions will be given for cleansing and purification of jewelry (especially antiques & heirlooms). Donna will share about gemstone combinations, jewelry extenders, shorteners, when to wear, when not to wear, where to wear…that is the question. Contact – Donna Joy Sessler spiritual gemologist, artistic jewelry designer and creator of “Inspirations”

Ancient Technologies
Light Labyrinth – Computerized light arrays processed through large quartz crystals.. Sound and Music visualization programs. Crystals, minerals, fossils available too.

Daydreaming the Infinite
Sacred geometries, drawings, and designs from the quantum field. These drawings are messages from the quantum field. They are a language of light for all of humanity. They bring you back to your center, away from the chaos and stresses of life. They serve as gateways that take you deep into your divine blueprint, activating the light codes you already possess. They will hold you in the present, in the moment, and open gateways into the Oneness. They connect ancient wisdom with future technology to heal the now. We are seeking others who can interpret this language of light in sound and music!

VoiceBio There’s No Place Like Ohm™
VoiceBio assessments, Ear Food CDs, lymphatic patches, EnerG-Iodine specific to the assessments. The sound of the voice represents the composite frequencies of the human body. Each emotion, organ, gland and system of the human body has its own frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and vibrations required for their function. VoiceBioÓä accurately reveals frequency patterns in the body. An assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a VIBEprint empowers people to not only understand the root cause of their physical-emotional energetic imbalances, but also the right key to take back control of their own energetic health, holistically and expeditiously through appropriate sound, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, etc

Kairos Institute of Sound Healing
Acutonics is an integrated system of healing and education. We offer the highest quality tuning forks, hand chimes and other sound healing tools including planetary essential oils & other aromatherapy products and books. Continuing education provider for acupuncturist, massage therapists and nurses.

Hado Life USA
We have Dr. Emoto’s books, CDs, DVD’s, and other water crystal products which give you good Hado and bring a world of greater well be-ing, peace and beauty for all humankind. Love and thanks to you.

Sacred Geometric energetic tools to support people in their spiritual evolution. Generate change in your life on the deepest levels of consciousness, open your heart to Source/ Love and manifest the abundance and health you desire. Heath & Environment: Healing Processor, Peace star Star of Deva, Spiral Star with Caausla Ring.

Lightfield Systems
Demo sessions using the Heart Intelligence Guidance System (HIGS), an open-source extension of Dr. Paul Nogier’s VAS system. hFM, heart guided frequency modulation software package. Various color generation devices, adjustable in wavelength to match client requirements

Boehme Music
High quality, High End Wood, Metal, String Percussion instruments like Steel drums, Glockenspiels, Marimbas,Cahun the full Remo Drum line. Unusual vibro acoustic instruments like the Singing Chair, the soundwave, a Monochord Table, Monochords in different sizes and tunings

Artainment, the next step in global communication, has the potential to herald and initiate an unprecedented Global Renaissance through the transmission of continuous, music/video programs which “Inspire, Delight, Heal and Enlighten.” Artainment is a magnificent and definitive demonstration of the conscious use of technology for the advancement of human evolution through visuals and music.The Artainment Global Family Television Network, is the synthesis and climax of the biological and technological evolutions that has been occurring within the Universal Mind over the past 15 billion years.

Cyberset Music and Media
Cyberset’s growing family of artists blend musical elements of world, ambient, dance, vocal, and urban genres into fresh sounds that share the positive intentions and global reach of modern New Edge culture. Cyberset Music embodies this emerging culture with music and artists that promotes community, personal growth, social conscience, and ecological awareness. Cyberset‚s music is available in digital format from all the major download sites and services as well from our own online catalog. CD‚s are available at select sites around the world.

Resonant Harmony Crystal Bowls
Crystal singing bowls powerfully shift states of being and are the Number 1 tool of healing intention today. Crystal Tones is the world’s largest, most innovative and award-winning manufacturer of pure quartz crystal singing bowls. New for 2007: The Diamond Series(c). Crystal Tones’ Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Ruby Clear, Citrine & Laughing Buddha Series have received COVR awards. Our 29 lines of Alchemy, Classic Frosted and Practitioner bowls include Solid Gold and Platinum Frosted, Aqua 24K, Solid Gold Therapeutic, Grandmother & Grandfather, Clear, Ultra Light Frosted, Egyptian Blue, Moldavite, Indigo Clear, Color Therapy, Ocean Gold, Platinum, Tibetan Quartz Therapeutic, Androgynous and Ocean Indium Violet.

Resonant Living and Music for Joy and Healing
Voice Bio Readings by Jan Cercone. A snapshot of how your body uses energy..and how to sing to re-balance. $10 for 15 min. Specially tuned to nature, ancient codes, Precision Tuning Forks. Desk chimes, Wind Chimes tuned to sacred and significant tunings for well-being Conference CD Release: “As Above, So Below” Streaming Light and Tone. A collaboration by Randy Masters, sacred tunings and visionary direction, Jan Cercone, vocals, Mark Deutsch, Bazantar, Joel Andrews, Harp, and Eric Bates, guitar and recording/engineering. Bringing sacred tunings to the intention of lifting consciousness through the Sacred Divine Feminine Impulse. Conference special $18.00 Aquaheaons, water energizing Sacred Geometry tools, available through Rod Butler!!! At this booth.

Pulsed Energy Technologies, LLC
The Pulsed Energy Replenisher is cutting edge energy replacement. This is a “Home Energy Unit” designed to help restore the naturally occurring energy, found in the body. Rejuvenate, replenish and help restore your energy with this new wave technology. It is non-invasive, and very simple to use.
How does it work? The body is made up of millions of tiny electrical currents and impulses interacting throughout the cells. When we are tired, weak, or not attaining optimum performance, these electrical signals usually need a boost of energy. Our “energy pulsing” process helps to replicate the body’s natural electrical signals and restore vital energy. Think of this process as “recharging the batteries” inside of you. P.E.R. users say they can feel the energy “go right to the spot” where it is needed the most!
Who uses it? From the world’s top professional athletes, to thoroughbred racehorses, to everyday people, the P.E.R. is something everyone can use. We can all use extra energy to help us reach our optimum level of performance, whether it be for work, home, family, athletics or financial reasons. The P.E.R. gives you the energy boost needed to attain those results.

Detox ion generator uses ions and electromagnetic frequencies to attach and pull acids and toxins from the body into the foot bath. -balances the PH of the person in 30 min as well!!!

Gorgeous GoddessWear
Clothing “so beautiful and feminine, you feel like a Goddess wearing them.” All shapes, sizes and colors of beautiful, flowing clothing; some exquisite jewelry

Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles
Sound therapy products and services including the new book, SOUND MEDICINE: The Complete Guide to Healing with the Human Voice, Sound Therapy Tones for brainwave entrainment, instructional recordings, vibrational healing music and more. Discover your unique signature frequency with a Diagnostic Voice Assessment! Private sessions with Wayne Perry will be made available by appointment. Contact: Wayne Perry 323 655-7781

International Lambdoma Research
We will be demonstrating a large and small Lambdoma Keyboard and a smaller one letting individuals experience finding their own keynotes and chords, and feeling the benefits of the pure harmonics that they are playing. The keyboards may be ordered for shipment. We will also be selling 4 books, a variety of CD’s, and catalogues. Contact: Barbara Hero 207 646-7950

Gtech will be showing the Asyra system — an FDA approved analysis system that transmits frequencies through the body and picks the reflection with Galvanic Skin Response, providing a detailed analysis of your whole body and systems. Contact: Joe Galloway (801) 766-3929

Laura M Gems
Distinctive Gemstone Jewelry for your soul. Healing stones for you well being. Contact: Laura 310 975-5484

Sonic Age America
We will be showing the Cymascope, which creates a Cymatic visual pattern of your voice or an instrument. Contact: Erik Larson 208-264-0171

Healing Partnerships
A specialized team deciphers the hidden codes, builds the codes in sound, reCHORDs the sound, transmits the sound through oscilloscopes and/or the Cymascope and photographs or makes movies of the actual physical sacred and secret sound waves. We will offer cutting edge nutritional products, the unique service of personalized Homeopathic Sound Signatures, sacred sonic tools and the CDs and DVDs of our cutting edge sound research. Visit our booth and see HOW sound LOOKS !!! Contact: Judy Cole (260) 420-8142

Diana – Essential oil based products
with a spiritual intent, brought forward from ancient Egypt, designed to balance the 7 major chakras of the body, and to enable our reconnection with our Inner Self, serving the Law of Attraction, and unifying our body, mind, and spirit into a better, enlightened Self”.

Lali S. Kakar – International Vedic Palm Reader and Mystic / Success Coach and Motivational Speaker
Seek out the wisdom of an accomplished Indian Vedic Palm Reader. He uses Western and Indian Vedic palm reading systems to understand the various forces behind your destiny. Your destiny is revealed by the lines of your hand. Become intimately familiar with your palm, and the secrets that it reveals. This International speaker and workshop leader has read the palms of Dr. John Gray, Martin Luther King Jr. III, Loretta Swit, Michael Ondattje, and others. He combines the vedic sciences of palm reading, numerology with his extraordinary psychic gifts.

Constant Creation –
Founded by Louis-Virie Blanche, represents the Group Soul, The Soul of Souls in love with co-creating and co-inspiring deeper appreciation, awareness, knowledge of cultural diversity and universal unity, through the creative spirit of music, sound, color, and light, through the sacred geometries of the inner resonating silence, through intuitive insight, and the inner voice of vision. Personalized service. Contact us at
650-343-8234. OR

Bazaar Boutique
will be showing their wares at the conference this weekend. Beautiful Soy candles in 10 different aromatherapy blends, made with the purest ingredients.The Feng Shui jewelry, created with antique coins and semi precious stones, are works of art that you’ll treasure. Enjoy one of their soft wraps or yummy shawls that will keep cozy throughout the winter season. See you there!

BioMat Synergy / Phibration
Come experience the Amethyst Crystal Biomat. Developed by Medical Professionals, The Biomat synergizes three elements of nature, generating Far Infrared Light which is considered natures healing light, Negative Ions which recharge the human energy field like the exhilarating force of an ocean wave splashing onto shore and Amethyst crystals known as natures balancer and energy transformer. The combination of far infrared light and negative ions induces a deep state of relaxation which unravels stress from the body and deep physical rejuvenation occurs. Detoxify, Burn Calories, Balance Hormones and Improve Sense of Well Being plus much more
We will also be featuring Holy Cacao raw organic vegan chocolate bars. And of course Free Chocolate with every Purchase! Brent Willett 510-205-5675

Resonant Harmony Sound Tables
Sound Tables with a large array of scientifically and spiritually designed healing music CD’s

Earth Calm
EarthCalm has been a leading pioneer in EMF protection for over 20 years and the first to introduce the use of scalar waves. This revolutionary introduction of scalar waves almost a decade ago affords a deeper level of electromagnetic protection and healing. Contact: Sandee Friedland 917 940-6510

RA Music (Sacred Geometry Music Conversion) Alan Howarth – Sound Bubble
The “Sound Bubble” is a personal, immersive, audio technology using acoustical and binary acoustical techniques creating a sound healing experience. It features 16 discrete channels of immersive “sound pixel” audio, offering low frequency vibration in seating area of Sound Bubbble. The full experience arises when combined with RA Music, a natural frequency spectrum conversion process, based on Sacred Geometry. This is technology to be recognized as major forces in the emergent Sound Healing wellness arena.

The Didgeridoo Gallery
The Didgeridoo Gallery has a vast selection of Australian Aboriginal made didgeridoos on offer along with all the gear you need like gig bags, stands, CD’s, clapsticks and more. How to play didgeridoo workshops and performances can be arranged too. Retail and wholesale opportunities are available as well.

David Hickey – Sound Journey
Healing the Planet with Music
Selling 5 titles of Crystal Journey CD’s, Brass Singing bowls, Tingshas and silk chakra scarves, also demonstrating Paiste Gongs.

InnerSense will demonstrate their state of the art light, sound and vibrotactile technologies collectively trademarked as VibraSound®. A next-generation supercomputer controlled breath analysis called Aspire™ will also be shown, which is used to create a powerful multi-sensory interactive biofeedback program that can be experienced on a VibraSound®. or your own home computer. In addition, a new futuristic Alembic technology that allows intention to be concentrated into substances which can then be absorbed into the body for reinforcement will be demonstrated and made available for purchase along with the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality and Harmonic Reinforcement CDs.

HeartMath® provides a range of unique services, products, and technology to increase health and well-being while dramatically reducing stress. The emWave® technology and HeartMath system are currently being used by individuals to reduce stress, depression, fatigue, sleep problems and improve emotional fitness.

Elements for Life – Integrative Aboundance Movement
humanitarian networking tools, raw vegan superfoods, colloidal gold, raw noni juice , raw cacao (chocolate)
Elements For Life has put together an amazing package that can help to transform your life
and the world. from amazing superfoods to lifestile education to personal success training with one of europe leading business and entrepreneur trainers Alexander Christiani. We feel that we have created the most turn key success systems available today to serve you for your success.

Goddess Silks
Hand Painted Creations to Enhance your Spirit
Intricately Hand Painted Silk Kimonos, Scarves and Wall Hangings to
Illuminate the Spirit Within. Hand Carved Bone Jewelry.

Aura Photograph & Energy Reading – Some chakra jewelry
Belle Star – Master Life Coach and Aura Reader – Aura Photographs/Readings are a powerful aid to understanding personal patterns. In conjunction with counseling or life coaching they can uncover your spiritual assets and help to show how they serve you. Seeing how these energies impact one’s life can greatly reduce the hours needed to gain insight and perspective. Be Yourself – Everyone else is taken! Belle is located on Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado where she takes aura photographs, gives readings and coaches on current life challenges. She is also available for mini-aura readings at conferences, festivals and private gatherings.

West Coast Acutonics
Acutonics is an inter grated system of healing and education. We offer the highest quality tuning forks, hand chimes and other sound healing tools including planetary essential oils & other aromatherapy products and books. Continuing education provider for acupuncturist, massage therapists and nurses.

HarmonicSounds- Association of Sound Therapy
CDs of healing music. Book with CD “Overtone Chant- the Practical Guide” now in its 2nd edition and with the explanations in 6 languages. Personal and Planetary transformation through Sound: Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard: Founders and directors. The Healing Power of Sound through a combination of voice, vocal overtones, subtle energy work and acoustic instruments such as singing bowls,monochords and tuning forks. Courses, concerts and workshops worldwide, and CDs of music for healing.

Cymatherapy International
Generating specific sound frequencies to stimulate muscles, organs and bones to their natural state of resonance, the Cyma1000 uses an internationally patented delivery system combining audible sound and magnetics. The Cyma1000 is manufactured in an FDA registered facility, and is a Class I device, relieving minor aches and pains. Soon Cymatherapy International will unveil the next evolution, combining acoustic sound, magnetics, light and color.

Percussion Sculpture – Bruce Gray – Hand Crafted Gourd Instruments
Using expansive woodworking skills, these percussion instruments are crafted from a combination of wood, metal, bone, gourd, or horn. Each is beautifully perfected with old world furniture finishing methods. From soothing sounds to aid in chants and meditations, to voluminous rhythms that can hold their own in large band or drum circle settings, each of the pieces has its individual personality and voice.

CDs and Healings with Didgeridoo, Vocal Overtones and Sonic Reiki.

Crystal Vortex
Crystals, gems, minerals, tuning forks and dowsing tools

Crystal Tones
Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls powerfully shift states of being and are the Number 1 tool of healing intention today. Crystal Tones is the world’s largest, most innovative and award-winning manufacturer of pure quartz crystal singing bowls. New for 2007: The Diamond Series(c). Crystal Tones’ Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Ruby Clear, Citrine & Laughing Buddha Series have received COVR awards. Our 29 lines of Alchemy, Classic Frosted and Practitioner bowls include Solid Gold and Platinum Frosted, Aqua 24K, Solid Gold Therapeutic, Grandmother & Grandfather, Clear, Ultra Light Frosted, Egyptian Blue, Moldavite, Indigo Clear, Color Therapy, Ocean Gold, Platinum, Tibetan Quartz Therapeutic, Androgynous and Ocean Indium Violet.

Sound Energy Research
Voice Analysis Hydration System
Helena Reilly
A Holographic Sound, Scalarwave & Water Technology. This evolutionary tool is the gateway to your enlightenment. After analyzing a short recording of the voice, a customized set of holographic frequencies are composed and imprinted into structured water using Scalarwave Technology.
A 45 minute session is available for $89.00. The client receives the benefit of:
– One month supply of personalized Scalarwave Structured water
– Personalized Holographic Sound CD
– Release of stress and limiting emotional patterns
– One month of deep meditation
(A limited number of private sessions with Helena will be available during the conference.)

Hand Dynamics – Integrative Hand Analysis
Roberta Coker MHA
Integrative Hand Analysis is a potent, non-predictive spiritual and scientific practice that provides dynamic personal insights and tools to promote powerful personal growth.
Your fingerprints, which were formed five months before you were born, hold the key to understanding who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to accomplish, and the challenges that you came here to face. They solidly identify what is known as your specific:
Life Purpose your aptitudes, where you find your greatest fulfillment, your most powerful life path
Life Lesson your innate challenges, specific fears that can hold you back, your unique opportunities for growth
Umbrella of Consciousness your overlying perspective, the lens through which you view the world that effects every thought you have, word you say, decision you make, and action you take

Dream Weavings
Sacred Tool by Shilo Satran
Shilo’s ancestor spirits have asked her be a toolmaker and to co-create with them. The ancestors come to her in her dreams, giving her the visions of what they want created. These ancestor spirits move through her hands while she works, guiding the art and moving powerful energy into the objects. Together, Shilo and her ancestors bring these power objects into being, to work with those healers called to use them.
Each exquisite gourd rattle is uniquely and individually hand crafted by Shilo as both an awesome work of art and a powerful tool of healing.
Each and every rattle is envisioned and created through a deep visionary process. Shilo co-creates with every rattle to bring out the true intent and personality of each these gifts of nature. She begins by hand selecting the gourds from a completely organic gourd farm in Southern California. Each step in the process of birthing a rattle anchors the intent to call forth a powerful healing tool. From the woodburning to the painting and the turning of the handles, Shilo holds this vision and empowers the gourds. When the gourd is ready, it sings it’s song to Shilo. Through trial and error she patiently experiences the resonance of other offerings of nature such as beans, corn, rice, and gemstones until the song of the gourd and the other offerings are in harmony. The transition from gourd to rattle is now complete!
To choose a rattle made by Shilo is a journey and experience in itself. It is an intuitive and sensory experience. To use the rattle as a Sound Healing tool is both transformative and dynamic. The empowered voice of the rattle flows freely through the practitioner to the client in support of the both the practitioner’s and client’s highest well being.

The Template
3-D sacred geometry jewelry and large geo forms for protection, meditation and feng shui anecdotes. Good for the home, office and/or tools for sacred geometry teachers. Come see how sacred geometry can protect you against computers, cell phone radiation and much more!

Aura Imaging Systems
Win Aura computerized audio imaging system. Shows biofeedback parameter as a colorful field around your body. It will select a wave sound file based on biofeedback parameters.


Healing and Tone Research – Great chart of frequencies

Atlantis Health & Ascension Center
Barbara Ferrell Hero
Bible Codes: Vibration Rates for Creation and Destruction
Convergence Research Update by David Wilcock
Eclectric by Nature
Frank Perry – Sound Healing
French Physicist Creates New Melodies – Plant Songs
Frequencies of the Organs of the Body and Planets
Harmony and Proportion: Pythagoras: Music and Space
Healing Products – Healing and Meditation Music
International Lambdoma Research Institute
Introduction to Solfege by Gunharth Randolf
Music Massage Sound Therapy
Numerology Healing Tones Software – Frequency Generators
Phi – Sound and Healing by Dee Finney
Power of Harmonics
Pythagoras and the Music of Spheres
Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres
Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard
Pythagorean Scale Derivation – The Bohlen-Pierce Site
Pythagorean System of Intonation
Royal Raymond Rife Short Biography
Royal Raymond Rife by Jeff Rense
Secret Solfeggio Frequencies
Solfeggio Frequencies
Soothing Minds

Sacred Geometry

Bruce Rawls ( has one of the clearest and easiest to read explanations of the basics of sacred geometry on his home page.

Gregory Hoag ( has some of the coolest sacred geometry sculptures.

Juliet and Jiva Carter ( also have a huge array of sacred geometry forms with workshops that tie it all together.

LightSource ( now has both PC and Macintosh versions of their screen savers: the Gaiametry CD, LightSource CD and DVDs with Hemi-Sync audio (which promotes synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain).

Nassim Haramein ( is doing some fascinating work with sacred geometry and modern physics.

Jain from Australia has some interesting info on Vedic Math, Magic Squares, etc.

Jonathan Quintin’s Sacred Geometry website

Michael S. Schneider – author of a marvelous book on geometry, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe – The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science – A Voyage from 1 to 10

Drunvalo Melchizedek has acquainted many about the mysteries of sacred geometry with his Flower of Life programs

Ibrahim Karim’s Biogeometry work is also being conducted in the USA by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

David Fideler – The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library

The School of Pythagoras

Sig Lonegren – Mid Atlantic Geomancy

Bob Dratch – Biological and Bioactive Electronic Holoforms ™
James Furia – Geomusic

Bernard Pietsch – The Philosopher’s Stone – Recovering the Perennial Paradigm

Barbara Hero – International Lambdoma Research Institute

John Boyd-Brent – The Circle and the Square and the Square Root of Two

Charles Henry’s Human Forms from spherical reflections

Vincent Beall – an interesting site on sacred geometry from a Kabbalistic perspective

Tips to De-Stress by and for Children –