Frequencies, Intervals, & Music

Archetypal Frequencies
Sound Healing Frequencies
Sound Therapy Frequencies

200,000-500,000 Dolphins highest range

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18,500 Highest frequency heard by average young woman

17,500 Highest frequency heard by average young man

15,700 High frequency that old televisions scream at

15,000 (Most people over 40 can’t hear this high anymore)


5000-20,000 7th Chakra (Crown)

5000-8000 Treble control on a stereo

4096 Highest note on a piano

4096 Quartz crystal (786,432 hertz octavized down – 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, etc.)

4000 The most irritating (or activating) frequency (chainsaw freq)

3000 Frequency that telephones are centered around (voice harmonics)

1000 Test Tone radio and tv put out when they go off the air

1000-5000 6th Chakra (Third Eye)

852 Solfeggio Frequency LA – Returning to Spiritual Order

741 Solfeggio Frequency SOL – Awakening Intuition

639 Solfeggio Frequency FA – Connecting/Relationships

600-1000 5th Chakra (Throat)

528 Solfeggio Frequency MI – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) and Frequency of the Heart
(Leonard Horowitz)


452.459 Venus (based on it’s rotation around the Sun)

432 Frequency of average baby cry just out of the womb; Relates to the diameter of the Sun; Many other
auspicious relations to sacred sites and ancient tunings in Egypt.

417 Solfeggio Frequency RE –Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

396 Solfeggio Frequency UT – Liberating Guilt and Fear

350-600 4th Chakra (Heart)

297 A frequency found in the Crop Circles

292 Nogier cell rejuvenation

268.8 Ali Akbar Khan’s favorite frequency to tune to

266 Good for Nervous System

256 Physical and Scientific mean – Philosopher’s middle C

250 Main resonant frequency of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid

250 Average Voice (Common to everyone across all cultures)

200-350 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)

194.18 Based on the Earth day — Spin of the Earth

144.72 Rotation of Mars around the Sun

144 Code within the golden spiral of all the atoms

117.1875 The Sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt

136.102 The “OM” Frequency – Based on a mathematical calculation of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Many tuning forks and gongs are tuned to this “earth” frequency.

111 Good frequency for Cell rejuvenation (Bob Beck); Many other auspicious relations to sacred sites.

85 Beethoven’s Fire frequency

73 Paul Nogier core healing frequency. Multiply by 2 to get the full array of frequencies.

64(C) Base of spine

60-200 2nd Chakra

50 Main harmonic of a kitty purr; Hummingbird approximate wing speed


45 Resonant frequency of bones (Proven to regenerate bones)

40 Thunder’s key fundamental frequency; Gamma brainwave frequency

40-55 Bass control on a stereo

32 Lowest C note on a piano (good for the nervous system)

25 Cat Purr (root frequency)

25 Lowest frequency that most people can hear; Stimulates mitochondria growth

(Many stereos and headphones don’t reproduce this low of a frequency)

20-60 Root Chakra

16 Main low freq put out by Whales all the time across the (always right on pitch)

12 Seemingly negative frequency from the Moon during full moon

12-20 Beta Brainwaves

11 Energy between pillars — Portals in temples

10.666 Average ultrawave healing frequency (when healers are in the zone, they’ve measured it as brainwaves). Diameter of hydrogen molecule.

10.53 Brainwave frequency used in Silva Mind Control uses to get you in the zone

8 Lowest frequency put out by Whales

7.83 Average Schumann Resonance of the earth’s atmosphere between the earth and ionosphere (electromagnetic, not sound)

7.8125 Spherics controlling the weather

8-12 Alpha Brainwaves (Relaxed Attention)

4-8 Theta Brainwaves (Dream State, Creative Downloads, Subconscious Mind, Portal to Oneness)

3-4 Lowest frequency put out by Elephants

1.45 Frequency emitted by many sacred sites

1.2 Average Heart Rate

1.042 Very Healing Heart Rate

.5-4 Delta Brainwaves (Deep Sleep)

.1 Brainwaves when in Heart Coherence

Thanks to Randy Masters for collecting some of these frequencies

Frequency Ranges in Music
(From a recording engineering perspective)

LOW BASS – < 40 Hertz
This range is sometimes called the “sub-bass.” It is commonly found in Rap Booms and the low bass of Kick Drums and Bass Guitars. It is difficult for many people to discern pitch very well at this range. This range is often used in movies for earthquakes, rumble, and explosions.

BASS – 40 – 100 Hertz
40 – 60 hertz is the approximate range that is boosted when you turn up the “bass” tone control on a stereo.

MUDD (OOOHZONE) – 100 – 800 Hertz (particularly around 100-400)
This range is called the oohzone (pronounced “ooh” as in “boo”) because if you boost this range it makes you say “ewwwwh” with disgust. This range is also referred to as the “oohzone” because if you put your hand on your chest and say “oooooooooohhhh”, you notice that this frequency resonates your chest cavity. This means that your chest cavity is boosting the volume of this frequency range. When frequencies are boosted too much in this range, they sound extremely muddy and unclear, and can even cause extreme fatigue when not evened out.

MIDRANGES – 800 – 5000 Hertz
We are extremely hypersensitive to this frequency. Boosting a frequency 1 decibel in this range is like boosting 3 decibel in any other frequency range. This is where most of our language is centered — particularly the consonants (vs. the vowels), so it is where we live most of the time. The telephone is centered around 3000 hertz because we can still understand someone when only this range is present. Since we are so overly sensitive to this range, it is critical to be careful when boosting or cutting any frequencies here. This is doubly true on vocals because we are also hypersensitive to what vocals are supposed to sound like.

Other notable frequencies in this range include 1000 hertz, which is that tone you hear when you fall asleep at night with the TV on (and the station goes off the air leaving this test tone). 4000 hertz is the chain saw frequency. It is the most irritating frequency there is, by far. It is also the frequency of finger nails on a chalk board.

HIGHS – 5000 – 8000 Hertz
This range is the range that is boosted when you turn up the “treble” tone control on a stereo. It is commonly boosted in mastering to make things sound brighter and more present.

HI HIGHS – >8000 Hertz
This range is where you find cymbals and higher harmonics of sounds. Boosting this range a little bit on certain instruments can make the recording sound like a higher quality recording. Boosting this range too much can make it sound irritating.