The Science of Sound Healing

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
– Albert Einstein

In the classes we share the latest information that we have collected, including all of the research available and the research done in the Sound Healing Research Foundation – on how sound and music affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We only include the science to ground the techniques in reality, and to bring more credibility to their effectiveness. The more you understand how something works, the more you and others will likely believe in it. Science has now shown that the more you believe in something, the better chance it will work. We have gathered some powerful gems and discovered many life changing insights – and have incorporated them into techniques that actually work.

Knowing how things actually work makes it easier to use the tools. In this field, there is a lot of “woo-woo” (beliefs based on nonsense). Often people might be doing techniques that work, but their explanations make no sense at all – because their mental concept of how a particular technique works is not in alignment with reality. They may still get positive results because of their intention, but their misconception throws a distortion into the mix that lessens the effectiveness of the treatment. The more the treatment is in alignment with the laws of reality the more effective the treatment.

If someone doesn’t believe something will work, that vibration of mistrust can undermine and completely block the treatment. Therefore, being able to explain why something works to someone can help to overcome this barrier — not to mention, that when you understand and believe in a technique more fully, you will be able to wield your sound tools more effectively.

Finally, the more we understand how it all works; the sooner sound healing will become accepted into the mainstream. Sound is a powerful tool that can transform a person in mind, body and soul. Most people in the field know just how powerful sound really is. However, the general public has not become aware of this magnificent set of tools – particularly not medically (although this is changing as we speak). Some even see it as complete “woo-woo.” Although many hospitals are now utilizing a wide range of sound techniques in their alternative therapies sections, sound will continue to make slow headway into the mainstream until it is understood. Therefore, we hope that through the clarification of the techniques and processes based on the science and research available, we can aid and quicken the acceptance of these powerful, inexpensive and even enjoyable uses of sound. The ultimate goal is to not only get these tools into hospitals, but to get us back to the point where we can all heal ourselves on our own.

This isn’t to say that we must understand something for it to be effective. In fact, when spirit takes over miracles often happen – and we don’t have a clue how this works scientifically.

We often even need to learn techniques on
how to get out of the way and let Spirit take over.

If we only focus on the science, we only end up with an understanding, not the knowledge or skills to actually perform an effective treatment. Therefore, in the Sound Healing Program we’ll take you through the details of how to use these sound tools. In each instance, we will normally give you many options as to how to proceed, so you can choose the techniques that best fit your personality and life style.

There is a whole world of new information that we share in the classes on techniques and research from the entire field of music and sound healing. Previously, there has been very little research information on how music affects our entire system, with practically no information as to how the sounds within the music affect us.

Most of the previous research in the area of music was on emotional effects. Music theory explores a bit about the emotional effects, but explains very little as to how music can be used for specific issues. Music therapy gets into it in a little more detail but is limited to certain kinds of music and specific types of issues. With new research and years of practice at our Institute, we now understand how music and sound can be used as emotional therapy. You will learn a full range of techniques for releasing and harmonizing stuck emotions, including using sound to access higher emotions of love and light.

There is very little information on how sounds affect us physically. We know that you can break up kidney stones by playing a loud sound that matches the frequency of the stones. In fact, there is a wealth of science from the world of physics on how sound affects matter. In the classes we bring together the science with a wide range of techniques of how sound can be used to create physical healing effects on the body.

In the past there was little research on how sound and music affect the brain. Now, the science on how sound affects brainwaves is well researched and proven. This area of sound healing is now becoming quite popular with a plethora of websites offering brainwave entrainment. We share the current research and explain how you can navigate the full range of techniques for helping with things like enhanced mental clarity, learning, productivity, creativity and sleep.

There has been practically no scientific research on how sound affects us spiritually, although it has been explored by many cultures since the beginning of time. It has been our primary focus at the sound institute for the last ten years. We have been exploring and experimenting with a full range of techniques, so we have a lot of information to share. You will learn well-tested techniques for instilling peace, and bringing yourself into states of gratitude, joy, love and oneness with all this is – our true state of being.

We are now working on a research project on how sound can be used to open the heart. We will be sharing the details of this research and have incorporated this information into many of the techniques explained in the classes. You will learn how to use sound to love yourself more deeply, to love others (socially or in loving relationships), and how to develop a connection to Universal Love. These are profoundly effective techniques that you can use in your daily life to bring more happiness and fulfillment


The quality of research varies dramatically. Some only research a few individuals and don’t follow strict rules of scientific research, which include double blind tests. On the other extreme, there is research that is conducted with hundreds (even millions) of individuals that follow the strict guidelines and work hard to minimize any distortions or bias. We share on the latter here.

Music Research

Research has shown that if you like the music you are listening to, it has a positive affect on you physically. However, there are certain aspects of sound that bypass your brain and go directly into your body. The eardrum is directly connected to every organ in the body except the spleen.

Research of Alfred Tomatis

Tomatis has done some of the extensive research on the ear. He discovered that you don’t normally make frequencies with the voice that you don’t hear. This is the basis of a lot of the voice analysis programs on the market. He has also shown that high frequencies activate and low frequencies calm. He has also studied the Stapedius muscle in the inner ear. It is the fastest muscle in the body and when not working well it is has been associated with learning disabilities and autism. There is a program called the Listening Program that helps activate this muscle to alleviate the problems associated with it.

Research of Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey has shown in his research that when you find and resonate your Root Soul frequency (he calls it the “Central Processor” frequency) all of the organs and systems in your body fall into alignment.

Physics of Sound

Science has described in detail how resonance works at many different levels. Everything has a resonant frequency that it naturally vibrates at. Everything! Resonance happens when a strong vibration causes something else to vibrate. This strong vibration can be in tune with nature – or not. Resonance is the key to using sound to make changes in your life and it is completely based on science. Science has even explained resonance at the quantum level, which is now beginning to explain our connections to each other as spiritual beings. It particularly explains how intention works. In the classes we go into detail on the 7 laws of resonance so you can explain what is really happening to the non-believers.

We can measure the resonant frequency of any physical matter and scientifically find it’s resonant frequency. The only problem is sometimes this procedure is too invasive on the body.

Physical Healing

We know how sound vibrates atoms and molecules. We know that when you vibrate something at its resonant frequency it actually receives energy. When you turn up the volume you can explode cells… similar to breaking a wine glass.

Brainwave Entrainment

It has been proven in many experiments using EEG that our brains entrain to any frequency that matches various brainwave states (alpha, theta, delta, etc.). Research also indisputably shows that when listening to headphones these binaural beat frequencies synchronize the left and right brain. This is major. Most people rarely have the left and right brain synchronize throughout the day. There is now research showing that you can entrain the brain into high states of meditation by creating brainwave maps that match high level meditators.


The books by Lynne McTaggart, “The Field” and “The Intention Experiments” explain in detail the serious scientific experiments that have been done that clearly prove that intention really works. Of course, there is also the work of Dr. Emoto that shows how intention affects the way that water freezes. Positive intentions create beautiful snow flake-like patterns. Negative intentions create ugly mush patterns.

Cymatics and Cymatherapy

Similar to Dr. Emoto’s work, the Cymascope by Erik Larson (one of our instructors) shows how sound creates beautiful mandala-like patterns in water droplets. These same patterns are also created in the body. John Reid has shown that when you find a sound that creates a cymatic that matches a cell you can explode the cell by playing the particular sound really loudly.

One of the most researched systems on the market is the Cyma 1000. It is based on years of research done on the body. There are combinations of frequencies for just about every organ and physical issue. We provide you with a list of these frequencies and show you how you can use them yourself.

The Schumann Resonance

Schumann discovered a resonant frequency in the atmosphere that vibrates at 7.83 cycles per second. There are websites that monitor this frequency daily. This frequency entrains all brains on the planet into the brainwave state that is right on the threshold of theta and alpha. Because it has been around since the beginning of time, it has become a part of our makeup that we need. It is one our connections to nature. They have also discovered that astronauts are not as healthy when they go outside the atmosphere and don’t have it. Therefore, all astronauts are fed this frequency now. It is also obscured by electro-magnetism in the city, however we can use sound to get it back into our system.

Voice Analysis

There has been a huge amount of research showing that when your voice is missing certain frequencies that it can affect your health. One five year research project in hospitals showed that specific missing frequencies can be correlated to weaknesses in organs and even relate to specific diseases. Therefore, we can use the voice to see what frequencies we need to enhance our health.

The Healing Frequency of a Purr

Two separate research projects have found that the frequency of a cat’s purr (around 45 hertz) regenerates bones. If you ever have a broken bone, go buy some kitty treats!

Other Research

Physical Healing:

• Research by Fabien Maman shows cancer cells being destroyed with sound in 14 minutes.
• A research project showed blood becoming whole after sound treatments.
• Another research showed that hemoglobin completely lights up when exposed to a particular frequency.
• In a research project performed at our Institute, I saw tremors go away completely in 90% of the Parkinson’s patients.
• There have been two clinical studies showing that specific frequencies actually create more bone density, regenerating the bones.
• A clinical study put on by neurologists showed that music calms the nervous system.
• Research studies by the National Institute of Health found that sound significantly helps mitigate symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.
• In another clinical study an Italian team showed that heart rate, blood pressure and breathing depth faithfully mirrored rising and falling sound levels in classical music. Earlier, the scientists had observed the same effect for changing musical tempos. These physiologic effects might intensify our emotional response to music and help explain how music works in people with neurological impairments such as stroke.
• There are several research studies on using sound for tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I know of many who have been cured by using specific sound techniques.
• Doctors have found that if a patient listens to 30 minutes a day of their favorite music, it does more than relax them mentally – it also benefits them physically by expanding and clearing blood vessels. It is believed to work by triggering the release into the bloodstream of nitric oxide, which helps to prevent the build-up of blood clots and harmful cholesterol.
• A Brazilian study found that Mozart’s music improved patients’ performance in a sight test aimed at checking peripheral vision of people with glaucoma.
• According to a paper in Journal of Advanced Nursing, listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent. It can also make people feel more in control of their pain and less disabled by their condition.
• Several independent research studies show that specific frequencies improve measurements in EEG, EKG, thermogram, and enzyme levels. Another study showed improvement in the form of an increase in hyaluronic acid quality and concentration in joint lubrication.

Emotional Healing:

• According to a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, repeating mantras can help control the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, have a calming effect in traffic and even ease the boredom of exercise.
• A project led by a researcher from the University of Western Sydney has found that music therapy can help sick babies in intensive care maintain normal behavioral development, making them less irritable, upset and less likely to cry.
• A well-known neuromusicologist tested a wide range of music with patients and colleagues and found music that consistently made the brain work in a balanced way.

Mental Entrainment:

• The binaural-beat appears to be associated with an electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency-following response in the brain. Many studies have demonstrated the presence of a frequency-following response to auditory stimuli, recorded at the vertex of the human brain (top of the head). This EEG activity was termed “frequency-following response” because its period corresponds to the fundamental frequency of the stimulus (Smith, Marsh, & Brown, 1975).
• There have been numerous anecdotal reports and a growing number of research efforts reporting changes in consciousness associated with binaural-beats. “The subjective effect of listening to binaural beats may be relaxing or stimulating, depending on the frequency of the binaural-beat stimulation” (Owens & Atwater, 1995). Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) and theta (4 to 8 Hz) ranges have been associated with reports of relaxed, meditative, and creative states (Hiew, 1995), and used as an aid to falling asleep.
• One colleague reports hundreds of success stories getting rid of ADD and ADHD with Binaural Beats.
• One of our instructors previously used music to help Alzheimer’s patents “wakeup.” One patient began speaking for the first time after 8 years! A clinical study showed that music raises melatonin levels and improves behavior and sleeping problems.
• Certain musical components in Mozart’s music have been shown in research to activate the brain enhancing learning processes.