Music Service

We have this unique combination of
knowledge, experience, expertise, spiritual sensitivity, and high level of creativity
state-of-the-art equipment to create the best quality recordings and music possible.

David Gibson has written the number one selling book in the field of Audio called, “The Art of Mixing.”
His second book, “The Art of Producing” is the only book in the field on how to Produce a musical project.

Music Services

Customized Sound Healing Music

Get music tailored for your purpose or specific intention.

1. License our music for your own purposes. You can also get royalty free license if you would like to sell our music as part of your project. You can either use our music as is, or have it remixed just for your purposes. For example you might use the music for Hypnotherapy CD’s, Guided Meditations, Yoga Classes, An Art Exhibit, a special occasion or gift, or for any other purpose you would like. Listen to examples of music you may use at

2. Have us create music from scratch for you. We can compose, record and mix music for your specific project or intention.

Call or email David(at) to discuss your project.

Here’s an example of music composed, recorded and mixed at the Institute
with the intention of “Unconditional Divine Love”
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Movie and Video Soundtracks

David Gibson has produced music for over numerous movies and videos — including “The Living Matrix.” He has a unique ability to create music that complements and enhances the rhythm and emotion of a scene or video. The music can also be designed to create a powerful emotional effect in the audience by using techniques that affect a listener physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually — taking the audience to a much more powerful and deep state of any emotion.

We also do sound design and ADR
(We also offer a Certificate in Audio for Video and Film at the Institute).

Call or email David(at) to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your project.

Audio Recording Services

Recording Studio Services – Book our recording studio with a Professional Recording Engineer with major Sound Healing experience. David Gibson has written the #1 selling book in the field of Audio Recording, “The Art of Mixing.” David is one of the few professional recording engineers who also has an understanding of sound effects you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. David is also well practiced at holding an intention for a piece of music with 100% focus during the recording. It has proven that intention gets imprinted into the recording. David can also add binaural beats to your recording, or other positive subliminal encoding.
$65 per hour

Professional Sound Healing Recording Engineer
Recording sounds that are meant to affect every cell of your body brings with it an incredible responsibility. It is rare combination of Professional Recording experience coupled with a deep knowledge of how Sound affects the body, psyche and spirit.

The recording engineer must have the following:

1 – A strong background in the physics of sound, including an understanding of resonance, harmonic structure of sound, and phase cancellation.

2 – A detailed understanding of what makes quality sound — including the difference in quality between analog and digital, various sampling and bit rates, the best quality microphones and microphone preamps.

3 – Years of experience recording — It’s only through years of experience that you learn how to mic and record all the different instruments in the world for different styles of music.

4 – An understanding of all that goes into sound healing — including an understanding of the effect of various rhythms and oscillations (such as flanging, chorusing, phasing) on heart rate, brainwaves, and breath. Also, the way that various frequencies, sounds and music affect us at each chakra level.

5 – But most importantly, an understanding of how Intention affects the quality of the sound and music. It is amazing how the sound and music changes when you hold a clear intention during the entire recording and mixing session. And, as has been shown by Dr. Emoto, this intention is carried on the soundwave directly to the listener.

Professional Recording Studio
We have to top microphones (Neumann) and tube microphone preamps. We run ProTools, which the most common music software in the field.

Call or email David(at) to schedule a recording session (or visit the studio).

Audio Producer Services

Book David Gibson as a Producer on your project. Cost depends on level of services.


David has written the top selling book on the planet on Producing, “The Art of Producing,” He will can take you through a proven process (actually taught in the Recording Classes) for creating and refining your project. We will critique 13 components of your music and work together to refine them. David can also play certain instruments and can help you find other musicians who are spiritually oriented and fit the energy and intention of your project.
Call or email David(at) to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your project.

Speaker and Workshop Presentations

David brings a nice balance of useful information and science (no “woo-woo”) coupled with powerful transformative experiential meditations.


David has spoken at Workshops and major Conferences all over the world, including the New Living Expo and many other Sound Healing Conferences. David is an exuberant and ….. person who is a unique ability to entrain the people in a room into a incredibly high state of consciousness and vibration… and then bring everyone into a state of complete stillness — where no one wants to move or leave. He also brings a loving warmth and consideration for each person in the group that makes them feel comfortable to open up and join in the experience, as well as being comfortable enough to share their experiences.
Call or email David(at) to schedule a Presentation

Concert Production

David has produced over a dozen Sound Healing concerts. Three of the concerts incorporated 3D visual projection of Sacred Geometry images synchronized to the music in real time. Everyone in the audience gets 3D glasses and can see the images and animations floating just over the crowd in front of you. The images and animations are designed to have their own healing effect just from watching them.


The concerts invoke a powerful intention of love and light, and David uses many techniques to bring people into a state of harmony, bliss and stillness. The previous concerts have been profound experiences. At the end of each show everyone is in such a profound state of stillness that often no one moves for over ten minutes after the show is over.
Call or email David(at) to discuss your event

Resonant Harmony
Spa Services

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