Miracle Healing Stories

Miracles are happening every day with sound and music. They are now common wherever sound healing is performed. Although these miracles have not been scientifically documented, when you see and experience one after another, you can’t help but to come to believe that something is going on.

Through the use of sound I’ve seen physical issues completely disappear. Over and over, I’ve seen pain go away and not come back. I’ve seen (and experienced) healing happen at a rate after surgery that can only be explained as a miracle. I’ve seen severe sciatica resolve completely in one 20-minute treatment. I’ve seen the spine fall back into alignment without even being touched. I’ve seen tremors go away completely in Parkinson’s patients over and over. I’ve seen cancerous tumors mysteriously disappear – never to come back. And many more!

One of our instructors had a tumor in her breast and was scheduled for surgery. She spent a couple of months focusing her intention and her voice on the tumor. She said that when she found the resonant frequency of the tumor, she could feel it heating up. She also had her friend play a didgeridoo right on the tumor. When she went in for surgery they did an x-ray and thought the machine was broken. They did another x-ray… and canceled the surgery! The cancerous tumor has now been gone for seven years.

During a sound circle evening we toned with the crystal bowls. While toning with an adult female who had experienced neck stiffness and alignment issues all her life, she said a collar just lifted off the back of her neck during “voice release.” With Voice Release I match my voice to theirs and then slightly modify the movement to shift any holding patterns. In 15 minutes she said we released a lifetime of neck pressure no chiropractor or body worker could shift. It stayed away and the woman’s artistic career and confidence took off. She believed it was related to protection she created for herself around her Mother’s critical nature, which was of course an old vibrational pattern we permanently disrupted. Jan Cercone RN, MA, Song and Spirit Center

Through the use of sound, I’ve seen many emotional issues completely resolve. I’ve seen people come out of suicidal depression. I’ve seen people release deep rooted emotional issues including those related to child abuse, sexual abuse, and even fears and schisms that can’t be explained. I’ve seen people relax and go to a place of perfect peace for the first time in years. I’ve seen people overcome years of anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve seen people regain their personal power. And many more!

I had a client who was considering suicide. She was emotionally unstable and was full of anxiety. I found her root soul frequency and put her on the sound table with a song in her key. Upon completion of the session she was in tears. She took the CD and played it 2-3 times per day for the next week. After only one week she reported that her entire mental state was completely turned around. She was now looking at new creative projects to get involved in and other ways to help others.

Mentally, I’ve seen people overcome ADD and ADHD. I’ve seen people’s memory get better. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s patents “wakeup.” One patient began speaking for the first time after 8 years! I’ve seen people able to sleep for the first time in years. And, I’ve seen the fog in a person’s mind turn to perfectly clarity. I’ve seen people return from the depression and the brink of suicide as they get control of their own mental processes and are able to once again find peace.

Monica is 7 years old. She has a small percentage of autism and rarely would look any body in the eye. She also had poor motor skills. She worked with one of our instructors over a period of two months. After just one week of treatments she was looking the instructor in the eye and walking better than she ever has in her life.

Spiritually, I’ve seen people’s hearts open – over and over. I’ve seen people cry and cry as they realize how little their heart has been open. I’ve seen people find their life purpose. I’ve seen people find a direct connection to Spirit and learn techniques to connect whenever they want. I’ve seen people who have gone to a place of oneness with everyone on the planet and the entire universe, and come back completely transformed. I’ve been to many events with spiritual music playing (including church) and have seen people brought to tears with feelings of joy and love. I have even seen tumors disappear after such events. I have seen people gain a perspective on their entire life after having a transcendental experience with sound.

While doing research with Parkinson’s patients, one woman had a complete transformation while on the sound table (massage table with speakers mounted on the bottom of the table). She was completely engulfed in tears. She said that while on the sound table she went into Spirit and that in that space there was complete peace and ease of movement. In this state, she said the Parkinson’s was nothing. And most importantly, she realized that the state of being one with Spirit is the true reality, and our physical reality where we are all separate is only an illusion.

Often the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects overlap.

We had one person show up at the Institute after he had had surgery on his neck. In the surgery they had to break his neck in order to get it realigned. He was wearing a neck brace and could not move his neck at all. We performed a tuning fork treatment on him. He returned the next week with movement in his neck. He said that when we were doing the tuning fork treatment he mentally went back into the moment of the trauma when they broke his neck. He said he was able to release the fear associated with the trauma, which allowed his neck to release the tension holding it stiff. He was so grateful and in tears over the transformation.

All of this with sound and music – and no side effects! Throughout the classes we will be sharing many of these actual “miracle” experiences. Most importantly, we will be explaining the techniques that created the above experiences so you can use them yourself. And, best of all we will provide some scientific explanation (without getting too technical or detailed) so that your friends and family don’t think you are too weird.

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