Nature Sounds

The Sound of Nature

The most powerful Sound Healer of all


This is the sound of crickets slowed down.
(The angels under water are the crickets slowed down)
There are both normal crickets and crickets slowed down
(no sounds other than crickets)

There are many secrets hidden in the sounds of nature.
The number one healing aspect of nature is that it “opens” our ears. When in nature, our hears have no fear.
We listen for ever smaller and subtler sounds.

In the city, when just one car drives by our ears actually shut down.

There are a wide range of sounds:

White Noise
White noise sounds break up stuck frequencies (stuck emotions in particular) – Ocean, streams, rivers, waterfalls, and wind.

Animal Sounds
When slowed down a whole other world of detail appears. It has been proven that bird songs actually trigger the metabolism of plants. Sonic Bloom sells stereo system to play to crops and have not only increased crop yields by and average of 300%, fruits and vegetables contain a major increase in vitamins and minerals.

Some say the sound of whales are holding together the planet.

Dolphins are used for birthing babies and they transmit frequencies into the newborn.

You can imagine that all of these sounds are doing way more than attracting mates. They are a key aspect of the natural sound fabric of our planet. They are affecting us and other parts of nature in ways that we still don’t know.

A study of sounds in the jungle showed that all of the sounds of all of the animals covered every frequency in the full frequency spectrum of sound (20-20,000 hertz). In fact, each animal had its own frequency range. And, if an animal or insect species died out, another species would then take over that free frequency range.


Enjoy the Sound of Nature
(You may have to Pause the crickets above if they are still playing)

The Sound of Thunder slowed down
Throughout nature there are many sounds that include a large amount of randomness or chaos (within the order). This chaos contributes to the immense level of creativity we find in nature.

Cokie Frogs
These are frogs from Hawaii and Central America. The sounds are right at the frequencies that activate the Pineal Gland.

Crickets, Birds, Waves, and Whales
Just a nice bed to listen to.

A student project (from the Sound Healing Recording Classes) with binaural beats, waves, dolphins, bees, crystal bowls and other nature sounds.



Nature Visuals in Slow Motion and Time Lapse to the song “Unconditional Love”

(The Demo was uploaded in High Definition to Youtube…
If you have trouble playing it, switch the playback to “240p or 320p” at the bottom)