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The radio show explores the full range of techniques and technologies used in the field of Sound Healing. Although the field is commonly called Sound Healing, it is also about maintaining health, raising consciousness and connecting to spirit. The show is a sound combination of discussion and experience including the following topics:

• Voice Analysis Technologies
• Root Frequency Entrainment
• Future Virtual Reality healing systems
• Sound to Improve Learning Disabilities
• Toning, Chanting and Overtone Singing
• Sound Surgery
• Cymatics
• Chakra Balancing
• Sound to Induce Desired States of Being
• Tibetan/Crystal Bowl Massage
• Frequency based therapeutic devices
• VibroAcoustic Sound Chairs and Tables
• Tuning Fork Treatments
• Sound to Connect to Spirit

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Archive Descriptions
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• Holding Frequency in the City
How do you hold a frequency of peace and stillness -- or any frequency of consistency when surrounded by the noise of the city (including the noise of the type of thought forms that abound). We'll discuss various sound techniques for holding your own frequency in the midst or noise and chaos... and we'll do meditations to practice.

• Releasing Anxiety with Sound
David will discuss his successful experiences of overcoming Anxiety attacks with sound, and how these techniques can be used in any type of crisis. We will also do meditations and listen to music that bring us to that still point after the sound ends. If you know anyone who has had anxiety attacks please let them know about this radio show.

• The Sound of Intention - 100% Pure and Consistent Focus of Intention
David will discuss the use of intention in sound -- How to use it, and how it works. We will look at a variety of Intentions (simple to complex) as vibrational sound forms that are being transmitted at the quantum level. Then we will practice holding Intention with 100% focus.

• Releasing Stuck Emotions with Sound
The goal is to see all of our emotions as frequency (sound or music). When we see our emotions as frequency, it allows us to see and feel them as they are, and then gives us a simple sound method for releasing or shifting the emotion. First, we explore the “sound” of the so-called negative emotions vs. the sound of positive emotions (which have a more consistent tone). The most difficult emotion of all is that of resistance to feeling emotions. However, on the other end of the evolutionary scale we ultimately want to get off the roller coaster of emotions. Not that we don’t still feel them, but “we are not them.” One technique is to make our primary focus be that of our own root frequency instead of the emotion – bringing us back to our own center.

Ultimately, the goal is to use our mind to stop the emotions from getting stuck in the first place. We will discuss these techniques. We end with a meditation on the sound of Joy!
• David's Sound Healing Music and Production
We discuss the range of techniques that I use when creating my sound healing music. We listen to a wide range of examples of my music, and discuss the considerations taken in each production such as:
- Frequency range
- Use of Bass
- Binaural Beats
- Melodic Structure
- Intention

David has over 15 CD's available. This show will give you a good overview of his range of music, and ideas for your own productions, or choice of music to listen to throughout the day.
• Overview of 11 Sound Healing Modes
You can find the frequency of an issue, disease, pain, stuck emotion, etc. using a wide range of medical devices and assessment technologies, or you can tune into and intuit the frequency. Once you find the frequency there are 11 techniques for working with it. We will briefly explain these techniques (and demonstrate some).
1. Resonate it with loud volumes to explode it.
2. Phase Cancellation
3. Binaural Beats
4. Homeopathy concept
5. Reciprocal frequencies
6. Harmonize the culprit
7. Meet and Recognize it
8. Make the sound that you think it needs
9. Balance the full range of Frequencies
10. Find your Root/Soul Frequency
11. Resonating Higher Vibrations

• The Healing Sounds of Nature
There are no better healing sounds than those of nature. In fact, there is a whole world of sound that is too fast for our ears and brain to catch. We will listen to magic found within slowed down sounds. We will listen to birds, whales, dolphins, and tap into the healing sounds of nature.

• The Frequency of All That Is
Everything is frequency. Will go through a variety of meditations listening for the frequency of each thing. We tune into the frequency of colors; The frequency of flowers and redwoods; The frequency of joy; The frequency of laughter; The frequency of Love.

• Healing the Crystalline Grid of the Earth with the 9th Octave
David discusses a meditation where he was guided to create a crystalline grid of nine octaves. The 1st octave was at the core of the earth (with the Whales). The 7th octave was at the surface of the earth. The 8th was above the surface (with the Dolphins). The 9th octave was up in the atmosphere. We take you through the whole meditation and resonate the 9th octave.

• Unconditional Divine Love Sleep CD
We play the entire 1 hour CD and discuss it's production, the energy of Unconditional Love, and the movie, "The Living Matrix"

• The Sound and Music of our Being and Relationships
David will explore the different frequencies, musical intervals and music that make up our being and how we actually sing to each other as we speak. Every note we speak is actually part of a melody and rhythm that we are putting out into the world, and each melody carries a particular state of consciousness and underlying emotion.

When in relationship we then create harmonies and songs together that lead us into a full range of spaces. We will explore the places we take each other, or go together while looking at the basic musical intervals that we are working within.

The goal is to ultimately become more aware of the songs we sing throughout the day -- both in our voice and in our mind -- so we can then be aware of when we don't like the song we are singing and change it to one we do like -- one that harmonizes more with others and with nature.

• Interview with Aleya Dao
Aleya Dao is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She is a Reiki Master and is also trained in Crystalline Consciousness Technique. She is a spiritual teacher, and advisor for individuals and groups around the country. Aleya received her B.A. from Lewis & Clark University in Portland. Oregon, and her M.A. from the Southwest Acupuncture School in Santa Fe. N.M.

She is a master sound and energy healer and a performing artist. In addition to numerous toning CDs, Aleya’s first commercially release CD, Awaken, was released in 2007. Awaken is a powerful, musical journey that moves the soul into a state of connection and bliss.

In 2001, Aleya Dao experienced enlightenment as she was awakened to her true being and essence. One result of this awakening was her uncanny ability to tune into multiple levels of subtle energies and consciousness fields and to perceive multiple dimensions of reality. Another result was the emergence of her ability to shift and heal individuals and groups through her voice (sound healing). In addition to having a compelling and beautiful story of transformation and enlightenment, Aleya is a dynamic speaker, performing artist, and sound healer who will inspire audiences everywhere.

Since her enlightenment experience, Aleya is clairaudient and has the ability to hear and then reproduce the sounds that come from the angelic realm. Her meditations, toning concerts, and musical performances move people into states of higher consciousness, a sense of deep connection, and awakens within them a place where they once again feel at “home.”

In 2009, Aleya began her Daily Meditations project. Each day, subscribers receive by email a 5-9 minute unique meditation recorded by Aleya. These meditations have balanced, stabilized, and empowered all who have listened to them.

• The Frequency of Unconditional Divine Love
We will explore the Sound of Unconditional Divine Love and it's relationship to Compassion. We'll then play our new 30 minute recording of Unconditional Divine Love and use our intention to bring in and resonate it's frequency.

• Holding Consistent Focus of Attention 100% of the time
One of our biggest challenges is to be able to hold our focus of attention consistently when doing anything or when simply being. It is something that is normally only taught by doing. When we hold our intention consistently (as though in a trance state) the healing energy is so much more powerful. We will explore the use of intention and "riding the sound wave" of the focus in order to sustain the focus. We will also listen to a musical meditation for Holding Focus of Attention for Everyone on the Planet (that is doing good) --Therefore, helping to resonate a consistent vibration.

• Holding Spirit and Divine Love in Loving Relationships
First we discuss our research with Parkinson's patients. We then explore the new paradigm in Loving Relationships using the Vesica Piscis as the role model. We discuss being whole on your own then merging into oneness with each other, and the dance of the movement from individuality to full on merge.

• The Heart of the Feminine
We will be discussing consciousness and transformation through being present with what is instead of focusing on fixing something that is “wrong." We will all discuss Kathleen's thesis, work and future classes on "The heart of the feminine -- the soul, that connects spirit and matter. Finally, we'll do a sound meditation on connecting to the Earth and multiple Central Suns in multiple Universes, drawing them into the heart using the octahedron and guided visualization.

• Journey into Telos - Interview with Michael and Diane Melchezidek
Michael claims to have been in Telos, the place underneath Mt. Shasta where it is said that 3,000,000 people are living in Love and Light all the time. Both Michael and Diane discuss how to raise your consciousness to the 5th Dimension.

• The Sound of Chakras
we discuss all the different systems in various cultures that have assigned specific notes to each chakra. We tune into the “pitch” of each chakra for yourself. We also do a very powerful Chakra Meditation where we have you tune into all 7 chakras at the same time.

• Physics of Sound - Volume and Phase in Sound and the Voice
We will discuss and listen to examples of how volume changes carry various types of emotion. We will also discuss how important the phase of a sound is to our sense of reality, and how it can be used to show what is going on with a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (of course, we'll explain what phase is).
As usual, we will hold and transmit a specific frequency intention during the show.

• Connecting to Unconditional Divine Love - Christ Consciousness
I use the term of Christ Consciousness at the risk of of invoking religious stigma around it. This show is about the essence of the frequency that carries Spiritual Love. We will talk about, do meditations and listen to music that connect us to divine love.

• Releasing Stuck Emotions with Sound
Most agree that stuck emotions are as much as 50% of the causes of disease. We will go through a range of techniques for using sound to release emotions. We will also explore the sound of resistance to emotions. And finally, we'll resonate some positive emotions such as love and joy.

- Emotions vs. Feelings - Thought forms that cause emotions
- Variety of emotions - Emotions where the frequency of them begins to hurt your physical and etheric bodies
- Frequency of resistance
- Emotions that are based on false pretenses or childhood patterns
- Pure frequency (vowels) as positive emotions

• Sound of Gratitude and Appreciation
In Alignment with the spirit of Thanksgiving we will discuss the beauty of the sound of Appreciation.
We explore the sounds of a variety of types of Gratitude and Appreciation including Life, Love, and Nature.
We will hold this invoke the frequency and hold it.

• Interview with John Monroe - Using Sound to Restore Sight
We cover exercises for your body and your eyes including Yoga, Tai Chi, general toning and stretching. The eye exercises used originate from all over the world (i.e., Bates, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese and classic Western orthoptics. Also included are acupressure, shiatsu, kinesiology, polarity, reflexology, auricular therapy, manual energy transfer, massage, hot packs, body soaks, and much more.

We concentrate on life-style changes to bring you back into balance. Many emotional changes may have caused your visual and physical degradation. We help you move forward. This is not about reliving the past, but creating a better future with better choices. We emphasize reversing negative attitudes and bringing forth the most positive side of ourselves. This takes decisions and maturity of choices. We do this through individual sessions, group therapy, color meditation, visualization, and reprogramming negative thoughts and life-styles. The negative depletes our life force and the positive enlivens our every cell. We also use acknowledgment, self love, self hypnosis, and insight sessions. The goal is to find the true reason for visual deterioration. Glasses are not the cure, they are a transitional tool. Reverse the cause from the core, naturally and without surgery.

• Healing Disease with Sound and Intention?
David will be discussing various techniques for using sound to break up stuck energy. We will also discuss how to be in alignment with spirit so that you are not just getting rid of symptoms. We will also discuss whether we can heal anything, and whether we should only be raising consciousness.

• All Frequencies of the Body, Mind, and Soul
Every component of the body, mind and soul resonates a frequency:
Body Cavities, Organs, Muscles, Bones, Tendons, Cells, Chakras, Etheric Bodies, Emotions, Words, Thoughts, Brainwaves, your Intention, Soul, and Spirit.

All of these frequencies create your own particular symphony within the template of God's symphony within you. There are also the distortions that we create that add noise to the symphony. Research has already begun to unravel this complex song. Ultimately, we will be able to pickup all of these frequencies and show precisely where the symphony is out of tune.

We will talk about techniques for finding the frequency of the various components. And, how to use Sound to help harmonize your own symphony.

• Overview of the field of Sound Healing
This show is an overview of the entire field of Sound Healing and Therapy. We discuss the full range of techniques and technologies to give you a good perspective on what's out there and where the field is heading. Since the Institute provides an education in the full perspective, this is also a good introduction to the Institute.

• Healing vs. Raising Consciousness
This show is about healing vs. raising your consciousness. The new paradigm is to not focus on healing symptoms because you never know the underlying cause of a disease or issue. You may even be subject to taking on Karma, as that person loses the opportunity to learn what they need to learn from their experience. We will also listen to some healing sound projects.

• Sound Healing Music Production
This show will be relevant for those who are interested in music production and those who are avid listeners. We will listen to discuss the wide range of sound healing music and how intention is carried on the soundwaves. We will also discuss the difference between sound and music projects, and the difference between a performance and a divinely guided transmission. We will talk about sound quality, production conceptualization, and a bit on mixing.

• The Magic in Harmonics
We will discuss the harmonic structure of sound in relation to the Solar System, our etheric fields, and at the Quantum level -- mathematically and in meaning. We will also discuss odd versus even harmonics; and pure tones versus complex tones -- and how each affects us. You will get a whole new perspective on the sound of the voice and every instrument.

• Binaural Beat Frequencies to Entrain Brainwaves
When two sounds are played that are close to each other in pitch, we will hear an oscillation that is the difference between those two frequencies. For example, hearing 50 hertz and 57 hertz results in an oscillation of 7 cycles per second. These low frequency oscillations have been proven to entrain our brains into the corresponding brainwave state -- delta, theta, alpha, or gamma. We will how binaural beats work and how they can be used to entrain people into higher states of consciousness. We will also listen to some examples.

• Using Sound for Divine Awakening
David will be discuss and play a recording just created with Master Shi Gang Sha. The music is "Awakening" a recording that was created based on stillness, love and light. The tempo of the song is based on a really slow breath. While listening to the music it is common that people experience healings at the hands of angels and other higher beings. Now Master Sha has added a vocal track channeling Divine Awakening. As a master healer Master Sha brings a full company of heaven to the recording. The voice and the music together create one of the most powerful healing and awakening tools available.

• Interview with Mandara Cromwell of Cymatherapy International
Mandara will discuss her work with the Cymatherapy Association. She will discuss the work and Dr. Peter Guy Manners work in finding the resonant frequency of each of the organs in the body, and the subsequent technologies based on this research. She will also discuss the association's ongoing research and the future of sound healing.

• Holding the Frequency of Light and Love with Sound
David will be doing a discussion and meditation on holding the frequency of love and light in the midst of chaos. As we enter a time fraught with the possibility of more and more chaos: environmental catastrophes, economic collapse, and even the possibility of poles shifting -- not to mention emotional and mental upheaval as our dark sides are lit up, and we are challenged with the task of burning through them.

It becomes critical to be able to hold our own frequency, and the frequency of love and light -- No Matter What. Most importantly, as we hold this higher frequency consistently, it is like we are holding a beacon for others to resonate with -- and join us -- making us all stronger in this high vibratory state. The more we all vibrate in this high vibration, the easier it is for all of us to remain in the light of love.

We will also play music that is imbued with the intention of holding the light for all beings on the planet, and the planet itself -- in the middle of chaos. This recording is based on the Schumann resonance, which is an electromagnetic resonance between the earth and the ionosphere. We have tuned everything to the average Schumann Resonance of 7.83 hertz, and we also timed our slow breath so that it is also in time with the same frequency - octavized down (1/2 by 1/2 by 1/2, etc). We then added binaural beats that entrain your brain into this same frequency that all life is entrained to. The outcome is an extremely powerful recording that will help you hold the higher frequency of love and light while grounding into the earth.

• Interview with Joel Andrews -- Healing with the Harp and Angels
Joel will be discussing his 40 years of using the harp as a tool for channeling Angels to do healing. He will be discussing the 100's of miracles that have happened in his treatments and his vision to bring all the peoples of the world together in peace and harmony through the healing power of music.

• Interview with Helena Reilly -- Voice Analysis and Scalar Wave Water
Helena will will be discussing her Scalarwave Structured water formulas, Voice Analysis Hydration System, and Evolution Coil We will also access some higher frequencies of consciousness and discuss where we are headed as new energies continue to come into the Earth. "With our Global Voice Recording program you can use our new Evolution Coil or VAHS Lite to create coherence in your environment while raising the energy of your food and water"

• Interview with Bruce Rawles -- Sacred Geometry
Bruce will will be discussing Sacred Geometry, Hermetic Laws, A Course In Miracles, metaphysics in general, the Great Pyramid, architectural acoustics, and modern physics.

• Resonant Frequencies
David will explain how to find the resonant frequency of a room, sacred temple, an organ, a disease, your root/soul frequency, your heart, divine love, spirit, and God.

• Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson -- The Science of Sound Healing
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson will discuss his past and current research and discoveries. Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A., C.N.S.T. Diplomate is a physician, scientist, educator, musician, composer, and visionary. He is Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California, a world-class Center for cutting-edge research into the effects of sound in healing and consciousness. His pleasant, non-invasive, holistic modality - Bio-Tuning® - is a global tri-body healing, personal transformation, and awakening consciousness force. His vibro-acoustic-visual sound chair and table delivery systems and 60+ audio programs on CDs are used and sold globally, healing and transforming lives wherever used. Visit for more information.

• Interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz -- Sound and Energy Healing Experiments
Dr. Schwartz will be talking about his work and research in the field of Energy and Sound Healing. Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is a professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He is also the Corporate Director of Development in Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona where he lectures on energy and sound healing. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and was a Professor at Yale University. Dr. Schwartz is the author of The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, the The Truth About Medium, The Energy Healing Experiments, and The Living Energy University, and has published more than four hundred scientific papers and edited eleven academic books.

• Interview with Lisa Rafel -- Voice Healing
Lisa will be talking about her work including using the voice for healing. Lisa Rafel helps people to change their lives. She is a sound and energy educator, spiritual counselor, gifted intuitive, singer, harmonic overtone chanter, shamanic healer and a practitioner of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. Her chanting, rooted in the tradition of vowels as the sacred language of God, has been called;music from before the languages divided; and engages the listener at the deepest levels. Lisa's international teaching program, ;Resonate with the Soul;, encourages development of the psychic senses as well as personal transformation. Utilizing sound, body awareness and ancient wisdom, the classes teach multiple levels of self-awareness, and deepen one's relationship to courage and compassion.

• Interview with Don Estes -- Harmonic Law
Don will be talking about his work mapping all the frequencies in the Universe into one holographic chart. is the inventor of VibraSound; music therapy systems and founder of InnerSense, Inc., a company dedicated to the research and development of transformational technologies. Don is also an author, lecturer, music therapist, and sensory resonance engineer. He has also come up with a system for putting sound into water, and is currently producing Virtual Reality consciousness raising entertainment.

• Interview with Barbara Hero -- The Lambdoma Matrix
Barbara will be talking about her Lambdoma Keyboard and how she uses it for healing. She will also be talking about the relationship between sound, consciousness and spirit. Barbara Hero an artist, composer, mathematician, writer, is the inventor of the Lambdoma keyboard that is designed to help our well being by calling us to harmony of spirit, mind, emotion and physicality. She has published articles about the Lambdoma Keyboards effects on human behavior in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine;, the Pavlovian Society;Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science Journal,; IEEE KIMAS 2005 publication and IEEE KIMAS 2007 CD. Barbara is Founder/Director of the International Lambdoma Research Institute. Her most recent presentation on the Lambdoma was given to a pure and applied mathematics conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Checkout

• Overview of Conference Presenters -- Raising Consciousness on the Planet
Outline of information presented by the Conference Presenters at the Los Angeles and San Francisco Conferences in 2008

• Interview with Diane Mandle -- Tibetan Sound Healing
We will discuss Diane's use of Tibetan Bowls for Healing. Nationally known sound healer, recording artist and author. Experience a deep sense of peace and well being in an evening of Harmonic Sound, Dancing Light and Extraordinary Healing.

• Seeing Everything as Frequency -- Putting it all in Perspective
When you see everything as frequency, you are able to change your energy easily -- as easy as changing a radio station.

• Connecting to Spirit through Sound
Everything is a frequency -- including divine love, spirit and your soul. Therefore they can all be accessed through sound.

• Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit -- A Full Range of Frequencies
All frequencies are nutrition. Therefore, a healthy body, mind and spirit includes all frequencies. Seven octaves of sound can make you whole.

• Higher Beings -- Frequencies of Love, Light and Transformation
Using our intention to bring energy from higher beings such as the company of heaven, angels, elohim, and beings of light from other star systems can give us a direct connection to higher frequencies of healing and consciousness raising.

• Interview with Susan Hale -- Exploring Sacred Spaces and Voice
Susan Elizabeth Hale Sacred Space, Sacred Sound The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places Foreword by Don Campbell July 2007 _ ISBN 0-8356-0856-5 _ 6x9 _ 286 pp _ $23.95 pb Susan Elizabeth Hale, M.A., is known in the United States and Great Britain as a pioneer in the fields of music therapy, creative arts therapy, and sound healing. Since the mid-70s, she has been at the forefront of exploring music, sound, voice, word, and image as healing arts. The author of Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul (1995), Susan will release Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places with Quest Books this July. Her new book is the culmination of her research and experiences singing throughout the world at such diverse venues as Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge, Avebury, Newgrange, the prehistoric cave of Lascaux and the temples and pyramids of Egypt. Susan has a master’s degree in creative arts therapy from Goddard College and teaches therapeutic workshops throughout the United States, Britain, and Canada to help people find and free their natural voice. Susan is also the director of the Songkeeper Apprenticeship where she has acted as a midwife to access the hidden voices of her students. Susan’s background as a trainer in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, a member of the Association for Music and Imagery, teacher of archetypal psychology, and guide leading pilgrimages to sacred sites in Britain and the Southwest makes her uniquely suited to usher people through mythic realities for personal growth and creative exploration. Susan is an innovative and dynamic leader whose joy and sensitivity are invaluable tools in nurturing authentic self-expression.

• A Biophysical Model of Consciousness based on Resonance
We will being discussing the Stuart's model of Consciousness based on resonance. We will discuss how this information can help a healer -- particularly a sound healer. We will discuss how intention works at a cellular level, and the connection between Science and Spirit. Stuart Grace Greene, Biophysicist, is the co-founder of iBEAM, The Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine, and chief scientist of Immunecology, a company that develops wellness formulas based on the subtle biological properties of living nutrients. He developed EcoBiotics, which arises from a synthesis of ecology, biology and bioenergetics. Stuart has extended the principles of EcoBiotics to the subatomic realm of quantum-scale phenomena. This new framework, called Quantum EcoBiotics (or QEB for short), offers a radically new way to understand life at its most fundamental level as well as explaining the underlying biophysics of energetic medicine and, ultimately, how consciousness is embodied in physical form.

• The Sound of Love
We will discuss the higher vibration of Love: self love, personal love and spiritual love --
and the corresponding sounds that resonate these higher vibrations.
We will listen to the frequency of 528 hertz that some say is the frequency of the heart.
We will also hear the sound of the heartbeat when transmitting love, which has harmonics in golden mean ratios.
We will then resonate the vibration of divine, spiritual love with sound.
Finally, we'll listen to a new recording done with the Intention of all hearts on the planet connected.

• Interview with Maestro Curtis -- Sound Healing Music Theory
Maestro Curtis teaches "Music Theory from a PsychoAcoustic Perspective" at Globe Institute. We will be discussing the deeper meaning of music.

• Interview with Richard Feather Anderson -- Sacred Geometry
Richard Feather Anderson teaches "Sacred Geometry" at Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute. This radio show is about the healing aspects of sound in form.

• Interview with Tom Kenyon -- Raising Consciousness on the Planet
We will discuss Tom's extensive work in Sound Healing, his research, the Hathor connection, and his current work in helping raise the consciousness of individuals and the planet. We will also discuss his day long workshop at the World Sound Healing Conference on Tuesday, May 15th Tom Kenyon, M.A. holds a Masters degree in Psychological Counseling with over twenty-five years of experience as a therapist. In 1983, he founded Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) to document the effects of sound and music on consciousness. His work with ABR grew out of his observation that sound and music could play dynamic roles in the process of psychological and spiritual exploration and integration. Over the next ten years he developed over thirty psychoacoustic programs in the areas of stress management, psychology, brain performance, creativity enhancement, intelligence increase, and psycho-immunology. He is the author of Brain States (New Leaf Publishing), a critically acclaimed guide to the brain's unused potentials, and Mind Thieves, a quantum suspense sci-fi novel. The current focus of his work is on the use of altered states of awareness as a means to access the more creative aspects of the brain/mind. He regularly teaches seminars and professional trainings in the United States, Europe and Asia.

• The Resonant Frequency of Joy and Chakras
In this show we discuss the frequency of joy, some new technologies for recording thought forms, and raising consciousness with sound.

• Interview with Fred Bell -- Pleiadian Consciousness
We will discuss Fred's work with sound and the Pleiadeans as well as the future of the earth. Dr. Fred Bell - Starting at the age of 14 Fred Bell worked for the U.S. government in a wide range of projects including nuclear energy, remote viewing, magnetic disintegration project (Philadelphia Experiment), and detection and tracking of extraterrestrial craft. He then became internationally known as a contactee to a Pleiadean group of extraterrestrial humanoids whom were here to help the people on earth save themselves from their own destructive tendencies. Dr. Bell invented the Nuclear Receptor, the Andromedan Holographic Projector, X-1 Healing Machine, and has written several books and been the subject of several others. He has produced five musical albums with well known musicians such as Steven Halpern, George Winston, to name a few. Dr. Bell has currently developed holographic sound which puts in concert every cell and atom in the DNA helix. His new best-selling book Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light covers these various topics in-depth.

• Interview with Silvina Vergara -- Opening the Heart with Sound
We will discuss Silvina's work using sound to transform consciousness. As a sound practitioner and professional singer, Silvina works with individuals and cancer patients. Silvina Vergara - Passionately dedicated to the healing arts, Silvina specializes in sound work and movement. She is holistic counselor, conscious guide, educator, singer, minister, dance instructor, and she incorporates dance, drama and movement composition to her training. She plays the singing crystal bowls and brings more than twenty years of experience in the areas of energy work, self development, movement and voice. Silvina has had extensive training in performing arts, creative movement and metaphysics. Silvina holds a certification in sound healing and has completed a training in Sahuka, a synthesis on high Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. She is currently a radio hostess in self awareness and spiritual growth for the Hispanic community. She is also working as a facilitator in stress management for San Francisco General Hospital for a special program for cancer patients. In her sessions she incorporates past life work, vibrational healing massage, breath and emotional work in order to facilitate a greater awareness of oneself, enhancing vitality and sense of well being. “Integrating these healing modalities is a reflection of my Healing Process, bringing a profound connection to my heart.” Silvina teaches "Inner Sound and Transformation" at Globe Institute.

• Interview with Randy Masters -- Interconnectedness of Everything through Frequency
Randy Masters teaches "Sound, Spirit and Consciousness" at Globe Institute. In this interview he discusses the interconnectedness of sound, light, color, sacred geometry, chemistry, physics, consciousness, and spirit.

• Interview with Diane Hough -- Holding the Frequency of Grounding, Spirit, and Divine Love
Diane discusses her work in Sound Healing and PsychoTherapy.

• World Sound Healing Conference -- Post Conference Download

• Interview with Jan Cercone -- Bringing in the Christ Energy from Above with Sound
Jan Cercone teaches "Sacred Voice" at Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute. She discusses her philosophy and her classes.

• The First Show with David Gibson -- David's background and an overview of Sound Healing